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How do you reel in people who may not be searching online for you right now but are still interested in what your business has to offer?

What about those who search for what you sell on a regular basis but they have never heard of your website?

And what about those visitors who make you want to pull your hair out? You know – the ones who stop by your site and then leave without buying anything.

This is where great retargeting strategies and display advertising really pays off.

The truth is that not all display ad campaigns are created equal and some will only drain your resources without bringing in leads. The right way is the targeted and focused way, which leads to brilliant leads and increased business.





Advertising on Facebook: Chances are most of your potential customers are interacting regularly on Facebook. Since we know this to be the case we have developed some ninja like strategies aimed at encouraging Facebook ad interaction while continually driving leads for your business.

Retargeting driven by searches: What use is it to throw your beautifully designed display ad in front of someone who has no need for what you are selling? How can you be sure that you are using your advertising budget for those already wanting what you have? 

This is the power behind the concept of search retargeting. These ads will be placed in front of people who have recently been searching for what you are selling. We know this because they have typed one or more of your targeted key words into a search engine. For example if you are selling antique books you can target your ads so that they end up being placed only in front of anyone who has searched for this specifically. Isn’t that amazing?

Retargeting with banner ads: Research has shown that up to 99% of initial visitors to a web site will browse without leaving any contact information for follow up contact. Did you know that there is a way for you to significantly increase the odds of them coming back to your site?

Banner retargeting is a brilliant way to stay with the person as they continue to browse the web. Your business retargeting banner stays front and centre in order to keep their moment on your website linger a little longer on their mind. This is another ninja tactic used to bring in those who are not yet customers but are worthy leads that you don’t want to lose.

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